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Hi mummies and daddies My one month old makes sleep time so so difficult. She stays awake too long, maybe more than 2 hours at times, and sleeps less than 2 hours. It's even worse at night because she'll be overtired by then. And she only falls asleep well if carried or breastfed. Otherwise once I put her down she starts crying again. And she'll get cranky and pull at the nipple or start grunting a lot. Anyone knows what's going on? Very very tired mum here.

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For the first i will give in to baby demand feeding especially if I'm breastfeeding. Because we do not know how much milk sje drinks. Its now time to instill a new "timetable" to her and it wont be easy. U have to set your feeding time strict. Eg every 2 hrs. She must be awake during the feed, if she falls aslp. Take wet cloth to clean her face, talk to her. And feed gerfor at keast 30 mins. Then do play time with her for at keast 30 to 40mins to burn her energy and then put her to rest again. She cries for attention but u know she's not hungry. Try not to give in by carrying her. Coz she knows crying will get her wat she wants. After she wakes up. Do the feeding and play time again. Put her in routine, but its not eady at the start.

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