Red, rough patch

Hey mummies and daddies. My LO have this red patch on his stomach. And now the whole tummy area is red. This morning when I went to change him his red patch area is kinda hot and his belly button is slightly darker. When I went for his 3months check up (2 jan) the doctor said it’s dry skin. But I’m just thinking dry skin will cause heat and redness on it? Has anyone experience this before? And how do I cure it?

Red, rough patch
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My baby has it this morning too. I think its due to ruyi oilment for my case. The stomach area appeared dry and has some small bumps

3y ago

My baby red patches got better after apply mustela facial cream yesterday

Best to bring LO to Pedia. It can be heat rash but i wont self medicate if me

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Best to bring your LO to the pediatrician, do not self medicate...


My baby skin will be like that when I apply ruyi oil.

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I think better to bring to pd for 2nd opinion

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Might be ezcema or sensitive, do consult PD.