Boob job

any mummies here consider going for breast augmentation before? my boobs are completely deflated after breastfeeding! they were not big, but grew up almost 2 cup size when I was breastfeeding, and now they are just... flat & ugly. I feel very self conscious, to the point I don't even want to get dressed in front of my hubby. please tell me I'm not alone! :(
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im sorry for laughing. i can imagine mine now after giving birth.. even my bra size now dont fit and im always free the boobies because its too heavy and such a nuisance to wear a bra.🤣
Mine is flabby. Lol. I just laugh at them. Sigh.
i remembered i cried in front of the mirror after i stop bf my first kid. It just get smaller n smaller for no reason, softer n softer and its just a one lump meat dangling there. I dont use push up
Definitely not alone. I am considering it too! :)