Moms! Do you feel pain when you're about to get your first period after birth?

I've been feeling cramps and stomach pain. I should be getting my first period after birth anytime soon... My baby is turning 2 months and I'm not breastfeeding. It's been 2 weeks already the pain but there's no bleeding at all... I'm so worried. Normal? My husband and I had intercourse with no protection.. that's why I'm worried. I can't be pregnant again... not now 😭 My husband really want another one but I told him that I'm not ready... It's too fast. Told him to wear protection but he doesn't want. Anyone had unplanned pregnancy before? I thought of something like if I were to be pregnant again... I'll give up for adoption? I... don't know. Please advice. I just feel tired

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If you have doubt . Please do pregnancy test. then contact your doctor and check your health condition.