Sudden no engorgement

Hello mummies, my baby is coming to 3 months. Yesterday my milk supply was alright but suddenly this morning I can no longer feel my engorgement and breast suddenly feel soft. No more leaking and when I pump I can only get less than half than what I normally get. Does it mean that my milk supply has drop? Like how come sudden one night can change so much in my milk supply. I don’t really pump, mostly latch on demand. Just worried that my baby won’t get enough. I’ve read that could be many possibilities like pregnant, menses will be coming back,stress, tired, lack of water, not eating enough or maybe my breast is already regulate to the amount that my baby needs. So my baby usually poops 3-5 times a day. Is that the only way to tell whether is my baby getting enough milk? What can I do to make sure I have enough or slightly more for my baby? Power pump? Or increase my pump after latching baby? Thanks in advance!

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Super Mum

Yes, diaper output would be a good indicator if baby is feeding well. Power pump is a good way to increase supply, pumping 10-15mins after latching would help too. But i wouldnt worry too much if baby is latching well, and your milk supply would've regulated by now.

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9mo ago

My sudden soft breast freaks me out! I thought I might not have enough anymore 😅