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Hi mummies, anyone can explain to me at which stage is the most painful and unbearable without using the epidural? Contractions, delivery or the stitching part? And how to prevent myself from pooping during labour😅 I don’t wanna like embarrassed myself. And I’m a ftm so I’m a little anxious.

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Absolutely the contractions! Happens few hours after gynae burst my waterbag. I cried and begged my husband to call them in so I can take the epidural and I've given birth 4 times, all with epidural. A life saver! I can even sleep w/o feeling any pain. I have a high tolerance for pain but not with the contractions. You can also take the gas but it does not work. Make you feel giddy but still feels the contractions. I was so high on it, I couldn't even hear the midwife & my husband calling me when they are right next to me! 😂 Everyone's pain threshold is different. Its really up to you cos its your own body and you're the one who will be going through it all. Normally they will ask you to empty your bowels first but if you can't, don't worry and no need to feel embarassed if you accidentally pooped during labour cos its really common. I've heard of my sil & my relatives birth story. I only had the stitches with my 1st one. The ob will administer a local anesthetic to numb your vagina so you don't feel any pain at all when he stitches it but it will be very sore when the anesthetic goes off. Sit on the wheelchair when you're discharged home. After that you'll have to walk really slow as not to tear the stitches and it's a little uncomfortable. Do not squat or bend and do clean the area daily. Make sure it's dry and not wet so you'll recover fast and you don't get infection in that area. The stitches will come out by itself at 2 weeks or 2 weeks +. Really need to take care on that part.

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Pain threshold depends on individual. I was already 4-5cm dilated with contractions every 5mins and decided to take the epidural as soon as I arrived in the delivery suite cause I was scared of pain 😅 I was shivering very badly soon after (one of the side effects of epidural) but managed to get some sleep. Didn’t feel anything when Doc broke my waterbag. Was in labour for 8hrs and the epidural was stopped so I will feel contractions to push baby out. Felt no pain down there even during episiotomy. Thankfully didn’t poop throughout.

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I SWEAR, it was super bearable before my water bag burst. Haha after 30 mins of super pain contractions, i told my husband i cannot take it anymore. I opt for epidural. IT WAS THE BEST DECISION I HAVE EVER MADE IN MY LIFE. I get to sleep, play hp & take selfie..😜😜

the contractions + delivery part. eso when the contractions build up then ure gynae or Senior nurse said "ok, come let's push! don't shout dear! ... chin down .. then push with all ure force! like u want to berak(pangsai)"