Induce or Elective C-Sec at wk38?

I’m a FTM, currently in wk 32 and my baby is not in breech position. I have risk of pre eclampsia and also GD and thus my gynae wanted to induce at wk38. She explains to me the induce process & the risk that may happen during the labour that may lead to e csect. So, I’m in a dilemma whether I shld try induce or opt for elective csect (as there’s is so many “what if” that can happen during the labour). I would like to hear ur experience of induce and also ur advice . Thank you . Update: 31/5/21: I had pre eclampsia at wk34, warded for 2 weeks, induced at wk36. From induce to give birth is 12hours. I guess I was lucky. My baby is alrd 1yo now ☺️

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I was induced and successfully dilated to 10cm, however baby is in occiput posterior position (OP), or posterior position, a sunny side up baby is a baby positioned head down but facing mom's abdomen, so the baby's occipital bone (the skull) is against the back of your pelvis. Hence, is unable to deliver naturally. Eventually, have to undergo E-sect. Hubby is not allow to be present for e-sect. Personally, if I have to go through Labour again, I will go for elective c-sect to save myself the traumatic experience of undergoing 30hrs of induction for nothing. But thinking back, I experience both ‘natural’ and c-sect birth in a sense. Thus, have no regret in life😅

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i am week 34 plus and baby also not yet in breech position. this is my 3rd pregnancy, first pregnancy is induce due to high blood at week 36. second one is natural birth on week 40 plus 1 day. So doc advise to go bk 2 weeks later to check. bb not ready, so for me i will still wait. 😊

I had preeclampsia too. Induced twice failed 0cm diluted. Ended up in emergency c sect. If i will to through again, i will go for elective c section to save the time wasted in induced labour. Cause if induced failed and with c sect i paid for both.

if you could choose, go for elective C sec right from the start. though my situation is different from yours, i chose for normal delivery but eventually i had to go thru emergency C sec, which cost more.

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I had 2 inductions and all went thru normal birth.. its hard to say cos everyone’s body is diff.. i wanted natural birth so i opt to induce..

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May I know how long does your entire labour take ? and whether you start dilate from 0cm before you induce or you are alrd dilated before u induce.

Induce cause heals faster and everybody body different. I had GD n was induced .. baby came out vbac at 3.2kg.

Hi whats the decision to induce u at wk36? Did your preeclampsia condition gets bad during ya the warded period?

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My pre eclampsia did not get worse. Bp is stable although it fluctuate sometimes. The doctors feels that delaying 1 more week does not make a difference to the baby (FYI: I already took the lungs jab at week34 to strengthen the lungs for baby). They are also worried that conditions may suddenly turn for the worse (since pre eclampsia can suddenly worsen), hence the induce.

i induced, waited for 17 hours but ended up in emergency csec… u have to be prepared for extra costs.


Elective C sec. If you induce and can't it will be emergency C sec which is double charges.

Hmmm is best to go for elective csect , most impt is both baby and urs safety.