7 week baby has rashes on her skin

Hi, my 7 week baby has extreme dry skin looks like eczema and I observed some white patches on her neck..i don’t know what exactly it is....I’m worried about this skin rash...can anybody knows this kind of skin condition??i ordered baby aveeno eczema therapy can i try?

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Hello! idk why theres so nuch spam in this thread. anyways my baby has the same. dr confirmed its eczema so dry skin and the white patches are hyperpigmentation. Sooooo when bathing use a gentle soap. i settled for Cetaphil and QV but pricey stuff. We want no fragrances and what not. After bath gentle patting on skin to dry but move fast enough to keep baby warm. then moisturise so this part do some research. emollient, moisturiser or humectant? which brand is safe or what works for the skin the best. also babies are going to start eating their fingers so I just avoid applying anything on hands or fingers. then clothing... once again breathable and gentle on skin. cotton is good. maybe check how warm or cool baby is. overdressing was a problem and cause baby to be heaty and sweaty and worsened the skin more. too little and babies cant regulate their body heat making them too cold. so a short sleeved onesie? sock or mittens? a muslin wrap for the first few weeks. do we need a hat in sg weather? alot of observing baby and taking cues i usually avoid products specially catered to babies like cetaphil baby, aveeno baby. if u break down the ingredients really really breakdown sometimes u realise its all marketing. i usually do smell test also because they still add in fragances even when marketed for eczema/psoriasis skin. worse case is go to a peadatric derm. best case is follow up with ur paediatrician and see what they advice. avoid steroids or oral drugs if u can unless super serious eczema. never do that as first line of treatment hey. its a teeny baby okay so lets just be cautious. i hope everything resolves well for u and baby!

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looks like eczema. you can try moisturising and see if there are any improvements if not, can see doc. my personal recommendation is try using suu suu balm brand. Aveeno doesn't work for my girl. but each baby is different. so it's a trial and error with the products. (;