My baby has extremely dry skin on his scalp, face and body. We sleep in the aircon during the night. Can anyone share what type of cream is suitable for babies for dry and sensitive skin of the scalp, face and body?

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Air-conditioning dries out the skin, so you can either place an open container filled with water or use a humidifier to increase the humidity in the room, or just switch off the air conditioner altogether and use a fan. Physiogel is recommended for dry skin and can be used on babies as well.

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Use naturally made mamaearth daily moisturizing lotion and milky soft face cream. It moisturizes babys delicate skin and makes it smooth. It works really effectively on dry skin and keeps skin velvety soft. Its totally organic and toxin free.

same as my girl, can't sleep without aircon & yet hated to be cover with blanket. I m currently using Gaia's which I think is thick yet does not leave the greasy feeling.

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I use mineral bb lotion by ihsbaby. really good

use baby oil, massage gently on her scalp, and do a little massage all over her body before bath. minimize the use of soap and shampoo

try "mustela" lotion, and body soap, you also can try baby oil 2-3times a day

I use mustela on infant’s skin and it works

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Try cetaphil or you can bring your baby to the pediatrician


I used QV. I found mustela had a very strong fragrance

Use cetaphil It’s good