Baby’s Dry skin

Help! I’ve been applying baby lotion on my baby since birth and especially on these dryer spots. I’ve also tried applying breast milk and milk bath as told by some friends, but his ankle hasn’t gone better. Does anyone else have special remedies to treat this? #1stimemom #momcommunity Update: Thanks for all the kind advise! Really appreciate the help

Baby’s Dry skin
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Mine was eczema skin. Been using mustela oil bath to shower for him since he was few months old until now coming to three. I tried various brands, still stick to mustela oil bath. Avocado oil smell nicer in my opinion.

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1mo ago

Mustela avocado bath oil

Alobaby Milky Lotion 👍🏻 Even can use at lip areas

Baby’s shower lotion plays a part too. A dermatologist advised me to switch to Suu Balm (says on the bottle ‘formulated by National Skin Centre, Singapore’). My DS dry skin improved with using it.

Can try coconut oil the brand has a baby face on it. Please try that

If u wanna try something natural, try four cow farm - calendula remedy. A little pricey, but it’s magic for me & my baby.

this is likely infant ezcema. u can use ceradan barrier cream. if it get worse, u would have to go PD to get some light steriod-based cream n apply for max 1 week

My LO has the same condition, including the ankle. U can try ceradan ADVANCE skin barrier moisturiser. Very thick. But quite ex. $60-70. However, Normal moisturiser is not enough for this kind of dry skin and Lotion is too watery. Not moisturising at all.

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My PD told us to apply moisturiser for baby 6 times a day and it helped lol. Can also try milk bath


petroleum jelly! can try