Hi all mummies, all along i have been showering with normal temperature water from the hose before pregnant. Ever since pregnant i shower with warm water. But recently weather has been really hot and i always feel hot and sweaty. Is it ok to go back to shower with normal temperature water straight from the hose? Tried once and it feels so good! >

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From pregnant till give birth, I have been showering in room temperature or str from hose.. is after giving birth then I start taking warm water herbal bath, then now still on warm water till slowly switch back to str from hose.

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Eh... I shower cold water, cause I really feel very hot. Even in Aircon 23c I also feel hot 😂

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Yep. I preferred showering with normal temp water coz it’s more refreshing.

Yes. Showering with normal temperature water should be fine

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Yup .. can , there is no need to do only with hot water ..

Yes, I shower with cold water nowadays cos too hot.

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nothing wrong showering w normal temp

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Normal temperature is fine...

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normal temperature 👌

Should be fine