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Im 16 weeks plus now and have been feeling so Hot at night and have been taking cold shower more than 3 times a day this week.. Not sure if it is the weather or something i should be worried? And my habit seems to change that i can only feel clean with cold shower. Anyone facing same issue?

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hi dear, hope you’re feeling alittle better now. anyways, hope you cut down on the cold water intake and try to shower more with warmer water (for the baby). also, check with your gynae if its okay to do so more than 3x a day. at night u can try increasing the fan or switch on the aircon, but please keep your feets covered with a sock or a blanket! x

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2y ago

Feel abit better now and will try that.. thank u dear.

I take warm shower, heater at 1 instead of 2. Drank warm water and occasionally cold water. sleep with Aircon and fan at night but now confinement air con at 27-28°c instead of 23°c and no fan at all, coupled with red date tea and confinement food so body keep perspiring.

I used to shower with cold water even at night and I drink cold water daily. When you're pregnant you get very warm plus the weather is not helping either so no problem! Does not affect your baby. Mama of 5 here. Cold water all the way except in confinement.

2y ago

Great! huhu i have been drinking cold all the way too now.. thank u 🤗

Hi. it's normal to feel warm. i was facing the same issue with you too. i will take cold shower before sleep. you can also drink fresh coconut water or eat watermelon or fruits that has high content of water to cool down your body.

2y ago

same here and i also drank coconut water.. it helps..

Slightly warm water would be better because cold showers cause vasoconstriction (narrowing of your blood vessels) in the skin and which makes your body trap more heat!

It’s ok to shower w cold water in a hot day to cool down…it’s science! If your body temp too high is not good for the baby. You did the logical thing.

The weather is really hot. I used to still bathe cold water at night when i was pregnant (even before tat i also bathe cold)..

2y ago

Yea i was so happy confinement was over so tat i could bathe cold water