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Hi mummies! My 4 year old has been potty trained for quite awhile and I’m planning to let her go diaper free when sending and fetching her from school (Nursery 2), but I’m not confident. What should I do if my girl wants to pee and cannot control on the way and back from school? I’m worried she peed in bus also cos we took bus home from her school. Any experienced mummies can help me? Thanks.

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Before you leave the house, ask her if she wants to pee or not. Then outside keep asking her if she wants to pee every 5 mins. Can be annoying but that's what I did. Then inform her to tell teacher if she wants to pee or poo.

3y ago

if on the way outside she wan to pee how? no toilet

My son peed in school twice. after that he used to inform teacher.