Potty training

We started potty train my 2yo due to her diaper rash. Took her just 3 days to be fully trained (refuse to pee in diaper now). Problem is.. I only wanted her to potty train in the noon and still pee in diaper when she nap / sleep at night. However, once she is trained, she refuse to pee in diaper even at night and I’m really worried it will be bad for her bladder? Will it or am I worrying too much?

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Super Mum

What you can try to do is to bring her to the toilet just before bedtime, and also bring her for 1 “dream potty” session in the middle of the night to empty the bladder, and then to the toilet immediately on waking up. You can observe how much she pees in the middle of the night to see how much she’s holding in. Also bring forward her prebedtime milk feed or reduce the amount of milk so she doesn’t have so much in the bladder overnight.

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4y ago

My daughter’s quite headstrong, so forcing her didn’t work. She’d hold everything in. Lol. So we used reward charts (telling us of the need to pee/poo, reward for sitting on potty for 5 minutes, and reward for actually having some output), then we scheduled in potty times into her daily routine, and also, I took off her diaper and let her sit on the potty as a chair (mine had a backrest) while she did colouring or even ate dinner. Lol. That surprisingly worked very well and got her over the aversion of using a potty. Then gradually, we scheduled in short durations of her wearing panties instead of diapers throughout the day, and then extended it over time. The most challenging time was when we were in shopping centres and she kept having to go to the toilet (because she thought it was fun 🤦🏻‍♀️😂) but.. glad we succeeded. She still wears diapers at night (4yo) for my sanity. Sometimes it’s dry in the morning, but mostly still wet. I’m gradually adjusting her feeds and all, but not rushi