Afraid to send two-year-old girl to school

Hi daughter is 2 year old we are planning to send her to school for 2 hrs,but she has habit of putting small objects in to her mouth,I'm very much worried about it,I don't know how she will handle at school😞

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hello! coming frm a mom whos 2 YO girl just started school this week, i can totally relate! had so many concerns going into it too. but dont worry, from what i see, schools will assign the age appropriate toys to diff age class. but if youre still worried, it would help to address your concerns to her teachers so they can b extra vigilant too 😊

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your daughter’s behaviour is very developmentally normal for her age, they are curious that’s why putting things into their mouth. my LO also. i think schools are well prepared for this and usually don’t have small hazardous things around