Toddler falling sick

My LO is 2 years old touching 3 this year end. She just started preschool in Jan and started falling sick twice. Sending her back to school after CNY. If she happens to fall sick again and again what can be done? Withdraw her from school and re enrol next year?

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It happened to my child too and we enrolled our child in IFC. We asked the doc and doc says it is inevitable. They will still fall sick even if they start school at a later age and it might be more disruptive to their education. Falling sick now will help build their immune system but it really depends on you. Many times I questioned my decision to put my child in school, it’s heartbreaking to see my child fall sick and be on medication but we have no support and we find our child happier after attending school.

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1y ago

Hi, i am the only caretaker for my LO. Now i am waiting for Nursery 2 vacancy.

Facing exactly the same issue. And my LO has lost so much weight from 2 bouts of the flu and HFMD too within just 2 months. I withdrew her temporarily. Planning to send her after she gains a little more weight and is stronger.

1y ago

Yeah. Up to 3 months