Potty train refusal/phobia

My four year old is not potty trained reason being she is having phobia of the potty and toilet seat. We have changed various types of potty but she still refused to release her pee. She would hold her pee till we wear a diaper for her. She is also afraid of peeing on the floor. Any advice?

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Had the same issues with my 4 years old. Eventhough she can say that she wants to pee or poop, she still refuse potty. She will wear diaper still. We try not to force her but read books on toilet trainings and picture of similar age kids using potty to explain. Having said that we try to toilet train during her holiday period. Looking forward to NO DIAPER as of next year.

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Have you tried peeing in front of her on the toilet seat? When I was struggling with my daughter being potty trained I tried this she saw me a few times n started on her own .. they just need to be assured

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Why don’t you get her a baby toilet seat which you could easily use on the commode? And make trip to the loo fun.