Hi, my daughter who is 3yrs and 2mos now and I’m really worried coz she is still wearing diaper. I told her that if she wants to pee, she let me know so we can go to the toilet. She will actually but after peeing on the floor. Any tips Moms and Dads? Thank u

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You may want to try getting her some panties, and when you're at home, let her go diaperless. Tell her, if you need to pee or poop, let daddy/mummy/whoever know. Yes, there may be "accidents" initially, but wearing a panties helps her to be more aware she's peeing cos she will feel wet, and there will be pee on the floor. If she's wearing a diaper, she'll conveniently ignore the need to go to the loo cos there's no need to. Once she tells you she wants to pee (even if it leaks or she has already pee-ed), bring her to her potty, so she knows that's where you need to go when you need to pee. hope this helps! :)

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