Mommy duties

Multitaskinng is really hard. Hubby is quite busy with his thingy these days. Can’t get much help from him and I do understand the situation. Tried cooking a pasta for my hungry little monster while he’s on a carrier (I know,it’s dangerous) cos out of the blue,he got sleepy🤷🏻‍♀️. It was quite hectic. Then this basil accident happened. Welp,better than any other accidents tho. It just made me realize how really hard it is for us moms to run the household. My husband has been helping me a lot. He usually cooks or look after our son when I need to do things. Today is an exemption. Made me realize how reliable my husband is. Lol

Mommy duties
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Super Mum

Mommy mahirap po talaga gumawa ng househild chores pag may baby.. Idol ko na po talaga mga mommies who can take care of the baby and take care of the house without any helper.. Kasi ako struggle talaga ako kay baby.. Super clingy niya.. Kaya din rin ako masyadong makagawa ng household chores.. Kahit magluto di ko na magawa..buti ka pa mommy may husband na nakakahelp sayo.. Sa akin sa off lang ako natutulungan ni hubby since frontliner siya.. Konting tiis lang mommy..kaya natin to😊

Magbasa pa
2y ago

True mommy.. Ang hirap talaga.. I had to find a way kung saan ko siya pwedeng ipwesto.. Kahit maliligo lang ako.. Minsan sinasama ko si baby sa bathroom.. Oo nga eh yan din iniisip ko.. Kaya natin to mamsh😁