Less Time With Baby Number 1

Hi! Mother of an almost 11month old baby girl and pregnant (1st Trimester) here. During thos EQC i thought i'd have so much time with my baby girl but since i'm on my 1st trimester of pregnancy i always feel sleepy, exhausted and morning sickness kicks me into the curb, a totally different feels from my first pregnancy. Baby Girl has a nanny from 8am-5pm so i get to rest the entire day but whenever she sees me, she cries and asking me to pick her up but with my condition i was told not to pick her up (she weighs 11 kilos) for the sake of the baby inside me. I feel sorry for my baby girl, i feel like i haven't been a mother to her lately ?

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Make sure na lang po na bawi kayo in other way. Like makipaglaro kna lang po sa kanya, kausapin mo po sya or prepare her food kung kaya nyo po 😊

2y ago

Thanks po sa advice. 😊 I play with her everyday πŸ˜‰