Irregular meals and loss appetite

Hi moms. Wife now starts to loss appetite and can't even bare to smell of some cookings, she starts to feel nausea wantto vomit. Is this normal. And till now still trying foods that she is able to eat comfortably. And weight has been like yoyo. Up and down. I'm concerned now. Pls advice. TIA! 🙏😊

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Is she pregnant? if she is then it's normal but she shld neva skip her meals coz now she's eating for 2. try having toasted bread or biscuits. This will help alot. For me, i have issues cooking coz of the smell so we keep eating out until now at 21 weeks. But make sure u eat healthy for the growth of the baby

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if you could get ginger cream which helps alot.. its meant for pregnant ladies.. put a little between the chest area and she will feel better