Week 11 and lost 5kg

I'm on week 11 and I cannot eat anything. I had loss of appetite since my earlier weeks but it now got worse. Each time i try to eat, i feel like throwing up. I try to take small meals or snacks but i can't seem to eat at all. And i have been throwing up lots of burps of air and bile. Dilectin does not work for me. I've lost 5kg and I'm kinda depressed on how im not eating. My next gynae appointment is one month's away..not sure if i should see a normal GP or schedule an earlier appointment with gynae.

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I’m experiencing the same thing even though Dilectin helps me. I stop throwing up as much after consuming Dilectin but I still have no appetite and can’t eat much. I try to sleep as much as I can. From my last visit, the bb is still growing well even though I lost weight and my Gynae isn’t too concerned about my weight loss. So I guess it’s fine for me.

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Hang in there! Any food or drink which will make you feel better? Plain crackers? For me drinking sweet or sour drinks make me feel better. Dont worry about the weight loss in first trimester. MS will get better by the end of first trimester.

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I'm on week 12 and realized I'm super gassy and have no appetite if insufficient rest. Try something sweet like fruits, or mild spicy, or plain cracker? Maybe something will work?

I experienced the same too. As long as baby is doing well it’s fine.