Moms, whenever you buy preloved items for your kids, are they husband-approved?

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Yes like all other things that I buy for baby or anything he does buy for baby too. We always exchange ideas before purchasing anything, new or pre-loved. But one time I tried buying an apparel for baby without his approval. What I did was placed the order online and paid online too and before the parcel came, I showed the photo of the items to him and he said he's fine with them. Just then I told him that I bought those already and he was surprised but didn't have violent reaction tho. :D

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I sought my husband's approval to buy preloved items prior giving birth. I told him the things that I plan to buy like clothes and shoes. So any purchases after that discussion was already considered pre-approved.

My husband knows I'm buying preloved items from online groups and sometimes, I let him see the item first before buying it. But often, I'd just trust my judgment whether or not the item is worth buying.

Not all the time. I try to seek for his opinion, but he'd always tell me ikaw ang bahala. So most of the time, I just buy it on my own.

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Not all the time. I just ask about his opinion about the thing but i still make the desicion.

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Yes. because he will do the quality check by himself. He has better eyes than me