passing through scanners at airports

Any moms out there travelled during pregnancy? Just wanna to have assurance that the security scanners at the airports are safe for fetus?

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Omg, one time I reached into the Johor Bahru customs scanner to flip my bag downwards in fear of my soy sauce glass bottle toppling. Heavily bellied pregnant at 7 months then and I was shocked by the EH! from all the Singapore uniformed officers there. Husband chided me even thought it was so funny, baby development turned out fine thankfully.

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I read that it's safe but I prefer not to walk through just for my peace of mind. You can let the security check personnel know you are pregnant beforehand and they will let you bypass the scanner and do a pat down instead :)

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My gynae told me is safe but some airport will stop you from entering the security scanners and do personal body check instead. Those scanners in shopping mall best to avoid or minimal walk through.

The normal ones are safe, not the advanced X-ray ones (common for business class lanes). Just get a letter from your gyne so that you can skip them.

Yes it’s safe... for sg /japan/bangkok airport the staff are more kind, they will ask you avoid it... but KL kinda insists you have to go thru the scanner

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The big bulky one is not safe so they will pay you down instead

Definitely. I was travelling for work until week 30.

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Sorry for late reply. Yes, walked through scanners. No problems. My kids are 6 and 8 now.

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Its safe dear. Dont worry for that!

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Yes!! They are safe. Don't worry!!

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Yes no issue with airport scanners