Brown spotting with light pink spotting!

Hello moms! have you been experience brown spotting with light pink spotting when you are in trimester 1 about 10weeks of pregnancy? Is it normal?

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I had that. Go to your OB. i was advised full bedrest for the remaining weeks if my first trimester.

5y ago

nothing. i was about to pee when i saw it. i didn’t mean to scare you but just to be sure. We waited for 6 years to get pregnant so every spotting scares me. relax and please see your ob. God bless you on your pregnancy.

hindi po normal punta kana po sa OB mo..wag na hintayin may sumakit

possible po na pregnant pag nagkaroon ng spotting na light pink

Pag mga ganyang kulay na you need to go to your OB na asap.

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No. Kindly tell your OB.

5y ago

Kahit po wala 😊 Not normal kasi yung kulay ng discharge niyo.

its not normal..