Hi mommy, I am 12weeks pregnant... I had a backpain since this fewdays. Is it normal? The doctor gave me few patches instead of supplement, can i put a lot to ease my pain?? I feels like want to use wheelchair already. ? And any tips so it can reduce the pain?

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I always have back pain. It gets worse towards the end. I was always crying bcz of the pain hhHahaha. You can do it mummy ❤️❤️

3y ago

I think you can ask your husband to urut2 sikit mybe. I didn't get Ny supplements though. Just a lot of stretching and massage :/

Masa sy preggy dulu, ammeltz yokoyoko always in my handbag, setiap kali sakit je mesti sapu 😊

3y ago

Tkde apa2 pun alhamdulillah. Sbb sy msih study masa pregnant dulu, kuliah 3-4 jam mmg sentiasa sakit belakang. Yokoyoko tu je penyelamat kitorang, yg tk preggy pun tumpang sekaki 🤣