Hi mommies! I’m six months post pregnancy. Do you mommies encounter this? Its so embarrassing to say this. But i’ve encountered this twice already. I can’t seem to hold my poop when i really need to go. I have the urge and once it gets so bad i can’t seem to control it and will poop in my panties :( Doesn’t seem normal to me as i’ve checked with my mom and sister as well but they don’t have this once they gave birth. Does my stomach muscles weaken after i’ve gave birth? Any of u encounter this before? :(

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Hello! Urine incontinence is normal. Not so sure about poop. Maybe let your gynae / GP know about this? You can do kegels for urine incontinence, not sure if it helps with stool incontinence

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Definitely check with your gynae. I had an accident one time too (pee not poo) and ask my gynae for advice, it's definitely not something to feel embarrassed about. Good luck!

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Never encountered it for both postpartum. U may try kegel exercise. If it doesn’t help, please do see your gynae for suitable treatment.

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Did you have a 3rd degree tear when you delivered?

Hey, Do check with your gynae on this asap

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I think better to check w ur gynae..

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Best to consult your gynaecologist..

Speak to a dr. That's not normal

Better to check with gynae