Fasting but lower abdomen feel cramp

Hi mommies..I'm 11weeks pregnnt and i'm trying to fast. However my lower abdomen start to cramp whenever i feel hungry. Is it a sign from the bby for me to break the fast? I'm kinda worried as this is my 1st pregnancy.

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Saya pregnant first one skg ni.. Skg 36weeks sdah.. Sya tdak puasa sbb fkir psl baby and its my first time to have a baby.. Baik jgn puasa dlu.. sbb bby prlu nutrients yg ckup utk mbesar..

5y ago

Aha...same here...mkn sikit tp kena kerap...klu mkn bnyak kali, t will have problem to breath n lead to vomit..bila da muntah, mula lah rasa lembik..