Post partum depression

Hi mommies..i just need to let it out here. I'm a first time mom, my baby is 1 month 1 week. Things have been really difficult for me. Some days i forced myself to stay strong, some days i lost it. Today is one of the days where i'm forcing myself to be strong but i'm losing it. I almost hang myself just now a few minutes ago because i can't take it anymore. I'm exhausted, and still bleeding which makes me more tired cause losing so much blood. I don't know how long more i can take..they said it'll get better but i don't see any changes. I'm so depressed

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Hey, I hope that ever since you posted this, you've been keeping strong. Do remember that it's okay to let baby cry for awhile as you're picking yourself back up while gaining back your strength. We are proud of all that you've accomplished so far. The fact that you're worried, means you care. Trust that it does get better with time and experience. We are all here for you ya.

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what are some things that are difficult for you? please do share and maybe we can share how we cope too