First Antenatal visit to KKH

Hello mommies, what am I to expect on my first visit? Will there be a ultrasound scan? Heard that seeing the doctor and doing the scan it's on different day. Is that to say every month got to apply 2 days leave. One to see doctor one to do scan??? 😔

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I remember the first app was confusing as i had to go here and there. Clinic C to register, then take urine height weight, then go to adc to scan baby then go back clinic c for review. And yes scan and see doctor same day. But during first trim i remember the interval is not that short actually. 8 weeks (scan)- 14 weeks (heartbeat sound ) - 20weeks (detailed scan) - 24 weeks (heartbeat sound) - 28 weeks (growth scan) - 32 weeks (heartbeat sound) - 35 weeks (scan) - 38 weeks (scan & gbs swap& cervix check). I use mc for doc appt

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Subsidised KKH route. The scan and the doc appointment is on the same day. But at different places. So it means you have to queue twice. Queue once to do ultrasound, usually I wait abt an hr 😅 and then queue again to see the doctor. Depending on your appointment timing I guess, but I also usually wait for an hr or so for doctor.

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1mo ago

I see, share with me the out of pocket expenses after the arrival of your baby please. actually I'm still caught between whether to choose private or public. shall go for first checkup first

This was my first visit experience. 1. Registration at the counter, they would ask you tons of questions. Pass you your appointment booklet. 2. Go for height and weight test, urine test 3. Queue up for your scan. 4. Then visit the doctor for consultation. 5. Collect medications or vitamins if any.

1mo ago

lucky so everything is done together. else I thinking where got so many leave to apply

Hi , Mine is a private and during my first check the doctor already did an ultrasound scan even tho I went to confirm pregnancy only . Subsequently for my monthly checks I got an ultrasound every Time I go for my check up , and also given a photo of the scan of my baby

I had a scan for every visit even for the first time. And it’s just once a month for me! (Every 4 weeks) until nearer to EDD then will shorten.

2mo ago

subsidized or private