Baby scan on every visit

Hi anybody know whether we can get to see baby scan on every visit to the gynae? Googled and found out that in NUH scan usually will be done one other day and not the same day when you are seeing the gynae. Im frm kkh sub but change to nuh under pte. Now around 16weeks. And is the 22weeks package good to sign up?

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You can do scan at every visit with private gynae. But if subsidy then it’s not every visit.

im with KKH private and i get a scan every time i visit my gynae! hope that helps

I’m with a private gynae and he does scan for me every visit.

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I was with TMC and I get to see baby scans during every visit.

I was with SGH and my gynae did scan for me every visit.

Im with tmc. Every visit with scan and baby ultrasound pic

I was with tmc and I get a scan with the gynae every time.

I’m with mount A. Every visit my gyne will do baby scan.

I’m with mount A. And also get a scan every visit.

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I’m with mt a, every visit there’s a scan