What to expect on 1st visit KKH

Im going to be 12wk for my 1st visit to KKH subsidise clinic.What should I expect?Wait time?Any test done?Will they do an ultrasound scan?

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- proceed to clinic C - self register - then go to room 18 for urine, high blood pressure and height &weight test (10-15min, just proceed to room 18 don’t have to wait for them to call you) - proceed to see the doctor (check which room your attending doctor is located, waiting time 30-60min) - likely the doctor will send you for scan (scan wait is longer as there is a lot of mama waiting, 60-90min) - after you are scanned, bring your report and go back to clinic C and give the report to the assistant nurse of your attending doctor (remember to just knock on the door to pass the report to the nurse; 30-45min) - then proceed to pharmacy in clinic A to collect medication (supplements) (waiting time 15-30min) Done! Hope the above help. Take care and God bless you and Baby!

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3y ago

thank u so much for the much detailed explanation.Very helpful..im going for my 1st chqup tom.😊

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go early than your appt time as you need to do registration in counter. then they ask u to do urine test weight blood pressure follow by scanning if i rmb correctly.

3y ago

thank u..😊

urine test, blood test , ultrasound / ur edd bse on the scan . ask you if u want to take downsyrndrome or hiv test .

3y ago

thank u..it helps...😊