Will there be ultrasound scan on 2nd visit at KKH? Will be 15 weeks by then. Forgot to ask Dr.

My first appt was on my 8 weeks plus which i thought i was already 11weeks so that i can see baby's arns and legs clearly. But all i could see is that baby is still small. Not much to see. I hope there'll be ultrasound scan on my next appt.

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Depends , mine was just using the Doppler and listening to heartbeat @ week 15. That’s because at week 12 I did FTS test and scan alr.

I didn’t have scan on week 15 but if you took nipt or Oscar test there sld be a scan

1mo ago

Under subsidised class no scan till 20weeks.

i am going for my 2nd visit this week! also wondering if there’s a routine scan

1mo ago

nooooooo😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 no choice but to wait then. thank you for getting bck with the reply.

Think should have. It’s time for your Down Syndrome test on your next visit.

1mo ago

ooh but i mean the normal auto scheduled scan. not those special requested ones😊

there is scan on every visit if you are under private route.

I had ultrascan on every visit (Private KKH route)