Controlling temper during pregnancy

mommies here that are pregnant how do you control your temper/anger with your kids?

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I couldn't control my temper towards my elder son when I'm pregnant. In fact everything he does irritates me at that time. Usually I will just walk away and calm myself down before going back to him. I think it is like a hormone issues. They will get better slowly after giving birth but kids are still kids. They are always getting on our nerves.

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i cant control my temper. i just avoid handling my daughter too much. my husband also notice about my temper and take over my job as a mom and take care of our daughter. i feel bad about it but what to do. i need to control my temper or else i get stress out

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temper is kind of tough to control especially when u r preggy. had tried doing so but i failed too. the more kids u have, the harder to control cos more kids means more problems. lol

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Very difficult but you can still try. You can keep an alert mind by always thinking that your emotions are unstable and that the things that might be making you upset aren’t as bad.

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