Goverment or Private

Hi mommies, pls mind to share which hospital is good for 1st baby, btw im from Penang.Is Penang General Hospital is ok for deliver baby?

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better u take full payment patients in gov hospital if u want standards like private.its half the price of private hospital with the standards like private.u can even choose ur dr.but bare in mind u do need to make booking by calling or just go to the hospital and ask. try google if penang gh offer it. what i know is most big city gov hospital provide fpp. i read some articles mention that even ur monthly checkups u can be with the same dr. personally i find gov hospital better. they wont try to cheat u and obviously the drs and nurses are well trained.

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thank you sis will call ask them

prefer govt hospital..sebab if ad komplikasi ke apa, still private akan tolak kita ke utk keselesaan..blh je private..😄