what to do??? about infection

hi mommies. please help. this isnt about a baby. its personal. just want to ask for some advice. i had an bacterial vaginosis way back 2019. i went to my obgyn and i was healed after some medications. everything got back to normal - no more fishy smell, heavy yellow gray green discharge, etc.. 2020 i got pregnant. my obgyn asked me to do pap smear again and some other tests since she knew about my case before. the result showed that i still have bv infection and was really scared it will affect my baby inside so i went to another obgyn for second opinion. my first obgyn said it was serious and i needed to take some medicines again but when i went to my second obgyn, she said it was all alright as long as im not feeling any pain or what - still no smell and discharge. so i sticked to my second. my pregnancy journey went well. after i gave birth and was on the process of healing, btw it took me 4 months for my stitches to fully heal. idk why it took so long than others.. anyway, while i was on the process of healing, the fishy smell and heavy discharge came back ☹ until now i havent gone to my obgyn. i knew i shouldnt prolong it any longer because it would get worse but im afraid to go there yet. idk why. does anyone experienced the same situation like mine? please share yours. thank you mommies #pleasehelp #adviceplsmomshies

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also mommies, can you please recommed a good ob or hospital na nagt-treat ng vaginal infections. my two ob's were from private hospital naman but i just want to try sa iba. thanks mommies 😊