Stroller and carseat.

Hi mommies, need help on choosing good stroller and carseat. Which i can use it from newborn.

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Stroller better cari yg senang nk lipat & cabin size..depends jugak pada bajet sis..nk guna brp lama..buat survey dlu, sis berkenan dengan brand apa, bajet...pada sy jenama joie,koopers,gb pilot shoul


A good car seat is one that is suitable for your child, fits your car and one that you can use correctly every time. Do join the Child Passenger Safety Malaysia Facebook group to learn more about ca


Carseat ksian bdk..klu dri bby ltk bby dlm carseat nt tulang dia jd xbtol.. Cm ank pgsuh sy, dri bby ltk dlm carseat..ksian tgk bgkok je bdn.

carset tu da cara dan posisi yg sesuai bagi bayi dan peringkat umut

I'm using koopers lavolta. Use since newborn now my daughter is 10months old.