Nipple Confusion

Just given birth on 5 Jan and baby having jaundice due to insufficient feeding as my breast milk only kick in after day 4. Due to this, I to try pump and top up with formula and bottle feed. But now the issue is after bottle feed for a few days, my little one seems to experience nipple Confusion. She will cry and get frustrated when I try latch her on. I am so sad that she can't seem to switch over from bottle to my latch on. What can I do. If insufficient feed, I worry the jaundice will not clear fast.

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hi mummy! i also experienced that! it was so heartbreaking to see your baby refuse your breast when feeding. but things will get better. just try to give her all the milk that you can. breast milk or formula milk, as long as she is well fed, it's fine. you can practice latching again once her jaundice is clear. my son is 13 days old now and is starting to adjust to mixed feeding as he demands a lot of milk and i do not have that much supply . hang in there mummy!

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don’t worry. baby and you just need more practice together. ur situation is quite common, i experienced the same too. baby now latch on fine.