Bad Headache..

Hi Mommies.. I'm currently 10weeks Pregnant.. Been Having A Bad Headache These Few Days.. Is There Any Natural Remedies You Can Suggest? Currently Haven't Been Taking Any Meds Yet..

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ive got really bad headache and nausea when i consume vits from kkia.. they gave me obimin. i really cant. furthermore im working.. then i stop taking obimin n took blackmores pregnancy.. then until now ok and no nausea or headache at all..

Same with me, layankan je pening tu dgn tidur n sapu minyak angin sentiasa, lame2 nanti hilang sendiri

3y ago

okay thanks ye 😊

Ill just sleep on it and or put some oily with me thats all. Good luck mommy💜

u ambik cool fever letak di dahi bagi sejuk.