Brown Discharge

Hi. I'm in my 6th week and I have been having this brown discharge since last night. Is it normal or its a sign of miscarriage? Been reading too much in Google

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It might be normal or sign of threaten miscarriage. Please check with your doctor. I used to have brownish spotting & went to the hospital. Just to make sure it was not something serious. Alhamdulillah it was nothing.

Better go n see doctor. Myself have experience n doctor admitted me for 1 week under full bed rest to stop brown discharge

ada bersama dengan suami baru2 ni ke ? mungkin brownish sbb terluka sikit selepas bersama.pls jumpa doc ASAP to confirm..

sometimes it's normal. since it's still in early stage, need to be seen by Dr .

Maybe bleeding.., please jumpa doktor segera

Should see doctor asap ya

Refer your doctor ASAP.

jmpa doc