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Hello Mommies I am a bit worried of my situation, if this is a rare case of my baby's late formation or a sign that he will no longer develop?..☹️ I went to an ultrasound clinic yesterday for a transvaginal test, I am supposed to be 9weeks now base on my LMP but in the result of the test, my baby is just 5 weeks w/c 4weeks delayed on my estimate then the doctor recommended another test after two weeks to check if there's a progress or what then she keeps on asking me if I ever bleed or what before..and I told her that I never bleed or experienced any pain during the time I know that I am pregnant..Can anyone share to me a similar situation I am in right now pls..Thank you

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i had the same experience last year. I was suppose to be 9weeks pregnant but base on ultrasound measurement the embryo is only 5weeks old with no cardiac activity. i have gone several transvaginal ultrasound to confirm that my pregnancy did not develop. i did not bleed or have any signs of miscarriage. Ng bleed lng ako ng tinerminate na pregnancy ko nung pina inom ako ng ob ko ng primrose oil kc sabi ng ob ko the embryo will no longer develop further.

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