am i pregnant??

Hello im newbie here , im 2months delayed now from oct. before my menstruation is normal since then but last may 2019 my menstruation is delayed and there's something i feel pain in my lower abdomen and left side lower then on june 2019 first week i decided to go and see OBgyne and they doing a blood test so that they can check if im pregnant and the result is negative so, ive done trans-v and theres a mass on my both ovary which is PCOS and there's a medicine that i had to take so that my period will be out and will be back to regular fast forward after 2 months my period is back to normal again and i always get mens every last week of the month bit my OBGgyne doesnt give me a medicine for my PCOS and now i am worried i hope its not PCOS again cause i want to have a second baby of mine please help me what should i do i even try test a pregnancy test but the result is negative.

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Same as what I feel now. I have also pcos last year/ August 2019, but it's gone last November 2019. My last period was December 5,2019 until now Negative and last ultrasound check result on January 30, 2020 no sign of pregnancy and no sign of doctor said she found out on my ultrasound result I'm very fertile my eg is fertile I have to go have some contact with my husband and she recommended me VIT e and for my husband Conzase. Then I take pregnancy test now still negative pregnancy test. :( am I pregnant or not?

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Try po ninyo ni partner magtake ng POWER TRIO (fern d, fern activ at milkca) ng ifern. Base po kasi sa experience ko ilang years na po kami ni hubby nagtry pero bigo then may nagsuggest po sa amin nito at ilang months lang po positive na po. Ngayon 4 months na po si baby namin. Wala naman pong masama kung susubukan po ninyo. Safe and proven effective po sa mga gustong magkababy.

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Pa check up ka po ulit at paalaga sa ob.