How to reduce the problem of morning sickness..

Hi mommies. I am 8 weeks of pregnant and having a really bad morning sickness. Any mommies experience the same or any tips to make it better?? Pleaee help.

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just have to deal with it. its all normal to have all kinds during pregnancy. there's no shortcut or easy way out to it mommy 😊 anyways u can try to snack the first thing when u wake up, eat 1 biscuit when u wake up. other than that, u just have to be strong because there's many alahan we have to go through

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makan buah anggur/benda masam utk elakkan muntah. dulu saya selalu muntah malam2. what i did before eating is i purposely vomit first. nak keluarkan angin2 kalau tak lepas makan mesti muntah keluar semua. lepas muntah tu baru lega nak makan malam.