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Hi mommies , how do you handle drinking glucose and finish them up and can take it for 1 hour atleast? As i failed my glucose test due to vomiting right after i drink it & i need to come back and retake the glucose.

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I think I was over prepared for the glucose test - my friend was telling me it’s super grossly sweet! When the day comes, I drank it, it wasn’t as bad as I thought. It’s just like drinking flat Fanta Orange (no gas) - just that I was only given 5 mins to finish up! LOL!! After that, I just sat in the clinic waiting area and just play games on my phone and the hours pass very fast.. request for chilled option, I think it will taste better than room temperature one.

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I vomitted first time cause I drank too fast and 2nd time retake I managed to hold it in nv vomit at all but felt really terrible during the 3hrs. I went one side sit comfortably and took my time to sip and drink within the 10 mins. I kept my body posture straight while sitting and tilt my head higher throughout the 3hrs. Do slow breathing & try to nap so as not to worry while waiting. Hope you will be fine and pass the test 😊💪

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I actually liked the taste, which is true taste like F&N orange. Plus it's cold. So i swallowed within split seconds. Try not to think too much. Just drink all the way and don't talk to anyone or don't walk first after drinking. Close your eyes and relax.

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Same as me but I failed mine 2 times already. Going back next week to take again, from what people are telling me, have to just tahan through. All the best!

I somehow liked the taste (tasted like F&N orange to me). You can try sipping instead of swallowing it too quickly. And yes, you can drink plain water after.

I actually liked it. Plus im thirsty from fasting, though can sip some water while fasting. Maybe you can try drink slowly.

Have a ride on questions here.. anybody took this test at NUH subsidised and how Long is the whole entire procedure?

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I just took a long deep breath and swallowed/drank the drink. They allowed me to take a sip of water after that.

I love the drink. Very nice.