metformin and aspirin in pregnancy

Mommies, has anyone been prescribed metformin and low dose aspirin (for their GD) during their pregnancy before? I had just started taking metformin and I am already having loose stools (which feels good though coz I always have constipation). Is this normal? But I am just worried if I ate aspirin it will become worse. Anyone tried eating these 2 during their first trimester?

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I'm taking both too. Aspirin is to keep my haemoglobin level under control. due to my blood disorder, I had increasing levels of haemoglobin in the start of 2nd trimester. Just started metformin this week due to spike in post meal sugar. the trick is to immediately take the pill after meals. I immediately consume them after food. reduces the side effects

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6 months post partum. still on metformin now. haha. but its true though. must be a proper meal and must eat immediately after.

thank you everyone. called them and they did mentioned that diarrhea & loose stools is normal. give it a couple of days and it will get better. i have been taking the two medications as prescribed and hopefully it is for the best for lil peanut.

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Yeah, i am on these two medication. But i do not experience loose stools though. Maybe can check with your gynae the side effect?

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Low dose aspirin was prescribed probably due to high preeclampsia risk. Best to stick to gynae's prescription

I was prescribed aspirin 150mg for risk of pre eclampsia starting wk16. I don’t have loose stools

Hi i was on metformin and yes its a normal side effect of metformin..

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Best to consult your gynaecologist...