Co-sleeping or not?

Hi Mommies, Do/Did you co-sleep with your babies? If yes, do/did you bedshare or use baby cot/crib in the same room?

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Hey mama, we used a cot but then we bedshared soon after. I have to admit I was too lazy to get up and breastfeed after a while. So once baby’s latch was great, I did side lying and breastfed throughout the night which ensured that I got my sleep :)

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Cosleep on my bed. She used to sleep in her own cot, when she turned toddler, she just suddenly refused to get in the cot. No complaint though, I’m enjoying the cosleeping moments now while I can 🥰

she love to sleep on our bed and will only not cry when place her on our bed..will then shift her back to crib after her deep sleep. but still in the same room.

I co-sleep with my baby on my bed during nb up to about 4 months old. All the way from around 4 months till now 14 months old sleep in the cot in my room .

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Didn’t co-sleep. Happy with my decision. Kids are happy to sleep on their own, and when I wake up early to go to work, they don’t get woken up

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Thanks everyone 👍 First time Mom to be so a bit scared as what's safe & what's not?

Co sleep cos in the near future they might not want to sleep with you anymore

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Cosleep. Initially in crib then moved him to sleep on bed

Cosleep. First in the crib and then on our bed

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Use a separate bed in the same room (;