Hello to all mommies and Daddies, I'm a Mother of two 6 yrs old and 5months. My question are: How many months can start to give solid food for baby (for my 5months old)? What are the recommended food should I need to give? Can you share some tips ? Sorry to this as I really forgot already it was 6 ago. Thank you in advance ❤️??

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Recommendation is 6 months old. Some pple prefer earlier at 4/5 months but better to discuss w pd. Look out for cues like being able to sit somewhat. I started mine abt 5.5 months caz his milk intake was really low. Even after solids have to still drink 500-600 ml Milk minimum. Give purée or v fine porridge or cereal

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Yes u can up it but do it gradually. 150 for a few days then 180. 120 every 2 hrs seems quite a lot - so baby might be full from milk and not eat so much yar...so if give solids 1-2 tablespoon for a start will do