Baby Carrier for 6mo+ baby

Hi mommies & daddies, my baby boy is now 6 months old, weight 7.8kg. Which baby carrier yg suitable for him? I'm considering to buy CuddleMe lite (about RM149). Or should i get other carrier with hipseat instead (hipseat can spread baby's weight better?) Please give your opinions and inputs k. Thanks.

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Go for cuddle me, ergonomic, good for the baby. Carrier with hipseat is not good for the baby actually. Can affect his spine long term because the seat gives pressure to his spine in the wrong direction. If you have more budget, go for ergobaby, sangat selesa.

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Hi, thanks sis for your valuable opinion and suggestion. I memang nak beli ergobaby because i heard its one of the best baby carriers around but its not within my budget for something i wont be using for long. As for carrier's hipseat, yea i read that its not good for baby like what u mentioned here. Thanks yea. Really appreciate it :)