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Hello mommies! Just curious… May I know if you would allow any of your friends if they want to be your kid’s God Mother? Are there any expectations for being a God Mother to your kid? My friend wants to be my kid’s God Mother but she has never check up on me or my kid during my pregnancy. She even forgot my kid’s special milestones (gender reveal, EDD month etc). I even reminded her on the dates several times. What would you do? 🤔

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I wouldn’t mind because it’s just a calling term. My bestfriends are my kid’s godparents but we mostly only see each during my kid’s birthday because we stay one end to one end from each other. My kid mostly still addresses them as auntie, only one which she calls “gan die” because she don’t know how to say “gan ma” and most of them trying to get her to call them “gan ma jiejie” lol 😂 When we meet in between, I don’t expect any gifts from them for my kid, more like catching up for the adults instead (or rather just help me entertain my kid for that few hours so I can have a break). 😊 Frankly speaking, even if I were to become someone’s god mother, I can’t promise I can always keep up with them as I have my own life and kids to handle 24/7 too.

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I rarely communicate with my godmother who is my mom's best friend but I never doubt the sincerity she has towards my family and I will drop anything to help her if she ever needs it. but for my own kid, I do want the godparent to actually be present and be prepared to take care of my kid if anything happens to me and my husband. as others have commented, it's not just a title. your friend unfortunately just wants the title but doesn't put in a little bit of effort. definitely not deserving of the title and I'm sure your kid will realise when he or she is older. nothing worse than a "forced" godparent haha.

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Traditionally, being a god mother is significant for Chinese. As the god child has responsibility to care for the god parents too, though not as heavily as their own children. So I wouldn’t commit easily. It’s not just a title. It has to be earned.