Baby induced at week 40

Hi any mom here had induced delivery? I'm currently at week 39. I seen my gynae today and was told if I have no labour symptoms before my EDD I have to admit and induce.

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Hi. I am 41 weeks a year ago when i safely delivered my child and was 4 days late after my Edd. My last check up i was actually 2cm dilated but didn't want to get induced so i endure for the next few days. So after endured for 4 days, i surrender myself to delivery suite in the morning. Waited for 2 hours for doctor to come as we came at 7am. After waited (in observation ward) and checked, i was 6cm dilated (worth the 4 days of waiting and contractions). Then right after 2pm, i was induced via drip for antibiotics to fasten my labour. Came in the delivery suite from observation ward from 7am to 12 noon. Right at 1505 hours, safely delivered. It has been a year into motherhood life. We are trying for 2nd anytime soon when the time comes. Thanks for reading.

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